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NewClean will thoroughly clean your carpets keeping them looking fresh, preventing premature wear and helping to avoid the need for costly replacements. With the latest technology (a triple vacuum high-pressure steam machine) and techniques to eliminate anything from embedded stains to tobacco odour. Please give us a call for a quotation today.


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    With 30 years experience under our belts, With our straightforward, ten-step carpet cleaning in Cambridge procedure, we know how to give a carpet a new lease of life. Whether you’ve moved into a new home with a lingering tobacco odour or a variety of stains, or you’re moving out and need a comprehensive carpet clean! Our carpet cleaning service will assist in resolving these problems and revitalising your flooring, preventing the requirement for pricey replacements.

    NewClean provides a high-quality carpet cleaning service by getting deep down into the pile to give the carpet in your office or home the restoration it requires. With top of the range equipment and knowledgeable staff that understand the solutions required to remove ingrained dirt from fibres, within hours your carpet will be clean and fresh, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

    It's been two very happy years now :). I get my office cleaned three times a week by New Clean! Superb service, can't recommend them enough.

    Charlotte Lewis

    Carpet Cleaning - The 10 Step Process

    1. Inspection
Our personnel must first determine the extent of the soiling and whether there are any indications of any long-lasting stains. They may then determine how the carpet was restored since improper fixing can increase the likelihood that it will shrink over time, and improperly joined seams can leak during cleaning. Additionally, the type of backings must be examined as this might affect the carpet cleaning strategy selected by our crew.
    2. Dye testing
Colours are then chemically pH tested to ensure we use the correct cleaning solution for your carpet.
    3. Fibre testing
Following that, fibre identification is done to establish the kind of carpet cleaning that will be required. It also helps in prejudging if the stains will be easy to remove.
    4. Comb pile
The carpet pile may be combed after moving the furniture out of the way. Due to the separation and release of matted pile, dust extraction will be more successful.
    5. Power Vacuum
To avoid converting dust into muddy residue, NewClean removes grit, dust, and any other dry soil with the use of strong commercial vacuums.
    6. Treat Stains
Prior to performing the primary carpet cleaning procedure, the following step is to remediate any stains. This will guarantee that the stain is eliminated completely.
    7. Spray Pre-treatment
Then, to remove oily stains, our knowledgeable crew uses a specially designed traffic lane cleanser. The therapy is then agitated into the pile.
    8. Deep Cleaning
The customised approach and procedure decided upon at the inspection stage is used to start the carpet cleaning in Cambridge.
    9. Hand Cleaning
The next step is to hand clean all the edges of the room and any other inaccessible areas using the appropriate method.
    10. Realign Pile
The carpet pile must also be properly placed when moist. The furniture may then be changed as needed and set up on blocks or protector pads to maintain the excellent level of polish that NewClean is known for.