Floor Maintenance and Restoration

For those with a hard floor, on-going polishing is often required as a preventative measure to protect against fading or excessive wear. NewClean’s experienced staff understands what each type of floor requires to keep it looking good as new. Also able to restore tired and worn down floor surfaces, we’ll return it to its original finish in no time.


  • A service tailored to your flooring requirements
  • High quality cleaning standards
  • Managed absence cover to ensure an uninterrupted schedule
  • Well trained and helpful staff, able to answer your questions
  • Flexibility to meet any short notice needs or bookings

Over a period of time, polished floors will inevitably degrade, depending on the volume of traffic. This is especially noticeable in places of high footfall, such as offices, commercial buildings, educational facilities and public properties. At NewClean we aim to provide floor maintenance services that act as a preventative measure against the degrading process and leave your hard floors gleaming throughout the premises.


From time to time, it will be necessary to strip and reseal (polish) your hard floors due to wear and tear. This specialised service can be arranged on a frequent basis that best meets your organisation’s requirements.


Working with commercial clients in East Anglia, NewClean has a large amount of experience with hard flooring, especially non-slip floors. Although great for safety reasons, NewClean understand that it is difficult to preserve their clean looking appearance long term with just regular floor cleaning. Some non-slip floors are semi-porous in nature, and they can begin to look stained and dirty due to the fact that dirt can become absorbed by this type of material. When this occurs, a sweep and a mop alone will not provide a completely clean-looking finish.


By periodically cleaning this type of floor, NewClean will prevent the situation from arising, and perhaps even the need for the costly replacement of the floor. In many cases, our well-trained staff can completely restore the clean appearance of the floors by bringing the ground-in dirt to the surface.


Whether you require restorative measures or a way to prevent your polished floor from degrading, give NewClean a call to chat about how we can help your business or commercial property.