7 Steps for a Cleaner Office

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Every office needs maintenance and cleaning…

We have been Office Cleaning in Cambridge for over two decades and we want to share our experience in this article: 7 steps for a cleaner and happier office.

Let me keep this blog clean and to the point with the first step straight away…

Checklist for Office Cleaning. To clean each area of your office, use a cleaning checklist or divide up office cleaning duties at work. Print the checklist and post it on the fridge so everyone can help, or use it as a reference as you clean the office to ensure you don’t miss anything. Easy to forget this step but it will make a big difference if everyone in the office knows when, for example, the bins are being taken out, the window cleaner is in the office etc.

Even the annual cleaning jobs like gutter cleaning can be noted and added to the checklist. Therefore we will not forget any essential cleaning tasks. On to the next step.

How to Set Up an Office. Dare we call it a “junk drawer”? Instead of a pile in the corner, use a document tray or a file drawer for these items. Clear the clutter from your desk and organise it. An organised desk can help you relax and organise your thoughts. Your stress level will decrease, while your productivity will increase.  Remove any unnecessary clutter. A few plants, photos, or trinkets are fine.  Set up two “areas” on your desk: one for computer work and one for non-computer work.  Every office desk requires a location for items that do not yet have a home.

We achieve more when we have organized our workspace, ok, next step then…

Only now, we are on step three do we start to clean. We do a lot more than work when we sit at a desk for long periods of time. Every day, we sneeze, cough, contact, and squirt. It’s no surprise that home offices quickly turn into a bacterial zoo. On top of the germs is the clutter and mess of our hectic lives, which must be organised and cleaned. Due to high foot traffic and the demands of a busy working environment, busy working offices become dirty and cluttered quickly. A daily clean keeps your office looking and feeling fresh, welcoming, and professional.

Due to heavy foot traffic and the needs of a busy work environment, offices that are in constant use rapidly get unclean and messy. Your workplace will always feel welcome, clean, and presentable with regular cleaning. Do you have visitors, then you want to make a good impression. Next step, how to clean…

Dust, vacuum, disinfect, and repeat. Dusting to clean all surfaces with a moist microfiber cloth. Clear your desk so you may clean it by removing your papers, file folders, calendars, stapler, and other items. Don’t forget about things like the power strips behind your desk, the tops of picture frames, window sills, fan blades, and sills.
Vacuum from top to bottom to make it work. To fully vacuum every surface on your desk and in your workplace, switch between the upholstery brush, narrow attachment, and carpet attachment. Observe the areas you dusted, then vacuum up any loose dust the cloth missed.
Disinfect with every keyboard, mouse click, and phone call we make while seated at our offices, we create new micro-bacteria colonies. Disinfect and repeat dust, vacuum, and disinfect.

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Every day, your staff members utilise keyboards and computers. The cracks and crevices of your keyboard are a haven for biscuit crumbs and viruses. Shut off your laptop if you have one before cleaning. Follow these keyboard cleaning guidelines to stop the spread of germs. Clean regularly the office chairs and monitors. Annually have the carpets cleaned and upholstery professionally cleaned. NewClean include carpet cleaning for every client we work with.

Once you have organized and cleaned. You will need to analyze your office space again and see if there are any changes you need to make. If you don’t use something, it cost you time and money to maintain that item and it will take up office space. People sometimes overlook the office’s organisation when maintaining it clean or occasionally freshening it up. The two often go hand in hand, despite the fact that you might be quick to think of the organisation as more of an aesthetic choice than a factor to take into account when it comes to hygiene. An organised workplace not only fosters tidiness and cleanliness, keeping its attractive appearance, but it also makes cleaning up much simpler.

Working with a professional office cleaning company will save you time and money. NewClean has many contracts for office cleaning in Cambridge. NewClean will create a checklist, organise, clean and help you reorganise so you have more time to run your business. You’ll find it much easier to reach behind things and clean areas without impediments if you make an effort to organise the entire workplace so that it is less crowded and more accessible. This is undoubtedly more convenient, but it also has a significant positive impact on achieving a deeper, longer-lasting clean.