How safe are your office electronics?

The unknown risk – Germs on office equipment

Keeping your office electronics clean might be much more of an essential hygiene factor than you realised. Research has shown that the average office computer mouse can carry up to three times more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat. Keyboards have also been shown to be the second biggest office offender when it comes to carrying germs and bacteria. They often, unfortunately, can be found carrying more germs than toilet flush handles. The accumulation of these bacteria can cause contamination and pose a real risk to the health of office workers.

Unfortunately, computers are not the only culprits. In a busy office, a worker could come in contact with 30 different contaminated objects in 3 minutes all of which are harbouring some form of infectious disease.

Loss of productivity

Illnesses in the office can spread rapidly through communal touching points and if left unchecked can cause a serious problem to the workforce. With the average UK employee taking over 9 days off sick a year it doesn’t a genius to realise that healthier employees will equal fewer sick days. Why increase the risk of having sick staff by failing to maintain a healthy working environment?

What you can do – Three tips

The evidence demonstrating the need to fight the bacteria in your office is clear and undeniable. The fix to the problem is thankfully an easy one:

  1. Having your surfaces regularly and thoroughly cleaned will help eliminate all the bacteria and their associated health risks. Cleaning buddies well-trained cleaners understand the dangers of neglecting some office surfaces so we pay these areas particularly good and regular attention.Whilst most office cleaners are not always contractually obliged to carry out specialist tasks such as cleaning computers and office electronic equipment, cleaning buddy will maintain these areas as a basic cleaning standard.
  2. Since our hands are responsible for the spread of 80% of common infectious diseases keeping them clean is essential. So whilst hiring a good cleaning company like ourselves is key to keeping your workforce healthy, ensuring staff have some good personal hygiene practices in your office is also important.
  3. You should also consider having an office deep clean to really keep your office environment pristine and as germ-free as possible.