NewClean Mentoring Cambridge Startup

In these somewhat unusual times, it’s important that where possible we look out for each other. Like many small businesses, we offer a cleaning service to a localised area. We serve Newmarket, Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds, and the areas close by. The cleaning industry is very competitive in a local area so it can be difficult to work collaboratively. 

However, we are happy to provide mentoring support to a new Sheffield based cleaning company – Seven Hills Cleaning. We have a long-standing personal relationship with founder Chris Baird and we’re happy to be able to help provide support in their early stages. We are certain that given time this will become a two-way relationship and we can work together to drive innovation in our businesses and the cleaning industry as a whole.

We’ll be helping Chris at Seven Hills with the technical elements of the cleaning business such as cleaning best practices, cleaning product choices, and sharing our proven carpet cleaning methodology. As well as the nitty-gritty of cleaning, we’ll also be sharing knowledge on in-house processes in the areas of human resources, client management, and logistics. 

Chris and I have been friends for over 30 years, growing up together through formative years. We both have a love of the great outdoors and intellectual curiosity. So we’re usually riding bikes, canoeing, swapping books, or podcast recommendations with each other. It’s interesting to be working on a professional project together. 

Whilst the idea of mentoring is in its early stages we hope we can develop it further and see where it goes. This may be in a formal business training program or a completely different business model utilising digital technology. We are open-minded but sure two heads will prove better than one.

We wish Chris the best of luck with Seven Hills Cleaning, so if you’re looking for a cleaning company in the Sheffield area look them up.