The benefits of a deep clean in your office

A deep clean might seem like an added unnecessary expense especially when you are already having regular cleaning carried out on your premises.

Most cleaners do a great job at keeping easy to reach places clean (we ensure our cleaners do a great job in those hard to reach areas as well). However, all premises have areas which will not get regularly touched or treated by your cleaners and their cleaning products. This is why a deep clean in beneficial to target all areas that are otherwise permanently neglected from some TLC.

Deep clean targets:

Dirt and germs – gathering under heavy office equipment or furniture that is not easily accessible. They are a particular benefit in getting into all those neglected spots in kitchens and bathrooms which can become a hotspot for bacteria.

A thorough carpet clean – by moving the furniture and fittings deep cleans ensure that all your carpet is kept up to a pristine standard.

Mould and mildew – in the changing seasons and weather conditions these can be a problem without you even knowing in areas you cant see. A deep clean nips these in the bud quickly before they become a health issue.

Sanitising – electronics that are both frequently and infrequently used in your workplaces such as keyboards mice and printers.

Looking like new – deeps cleans will scrub clean and polish all your surfaces often giving them a new lease of life getting them looking like new.

The benefits and recommendations:

The accumulative benefits of a deep clean can really improve the health and well-being of a workplace. They get rid of any bacteria and virus left in busy work areas that have been missed by your regular clean.

If your still in doubt as to whether you need a deep clean, move a desk or some long-standing furniture. We bet you see an unpleasant sight of dust dirt and bacteria staring back at you that a deep clean would have removed.

NewClean recommend you get your office deep cleaned at-least every six months to help supplement your ongoing regular cleaning schedule. To arrange to have your Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Mildenhall or Haverhill office deep cleaned by our professional cleaners take a look at our office cleaning page.