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Office Cleaning – What Are The Challenges?

Cleaning a home is significantly different from cleaning a professional facility. Cleaning offices comes with many particular difficulties. The best method to make sure that your property is not just clean but also safe for your clients and employees is to face these difficulties head-on. The following are some of the things you should think

5 Things Office Managers Should Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Company

Good hygiene has never been so crucial to the management teams, just to keep their companies open. An office manager plays an important function in an organisation, especially when it comes to managing administrative assistance. Assuring workplace cleanliness is a part of this profession, which also helps to ensure that daily operations go as smoothly

NewClean Mentoring Cambridge Startup

In these somewhat unusual times, it’s important that where possible we look out for each other. Like many small businesses, we offer a cleaning service to a localised area. We serve Newmarket, Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds, and the areas close by. The cleaning industry is very competitive in a local area so it can be

The benefits of a deep clean in your office

Most cleaners do a great job at keeping easy to reach places clean (we ensure our cleaners do a great job in those hard to reach areas as well). However, all premises have areas which will not get regularly touched or treated by your cleaners and their cleaning products. This is why a deep clean

Are you getting value for money from your cleaners?

Having seen enough stale hovels in this unglamorous line of work across. I’ve become well versed in the cleaning standards of the average workspace across Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge. I will go on a walkthrough with a potential client. They will lay down why they’re unhappy with their current cleaner. Without a word